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About us

Cerebral Xpress is a one stop tech and business outsourcing platform. We’re an incorporation of various elements of a business starting from idea growth and scale to the finished product. With a team of highly motivated and skilled persons, we’re well poised to optimize your resources to achieve success.

Our Key Elements

These are the major features of enlisting our platform


The Cerebral XPress platform is one which primarily builds your platform. Be it a website, e-commerce store, Booking platform, Mobile App etc, we ensure that…

Scaling and Expansion

For existing businesses and growing platforms, we generate optimization models, expand your current platforms and processes to scale into a new level of success.…

Maintenance and Support

Our platform prides itself on continuity. When we build we also get together a team to ensure that what’s been built can be maintained…

Our Skills

What We Do

Concept and Design
Concept and Design
Web and Mobile Development
Web and Mobile Development
Strategy and Development
Strategy and Development

Interested in building a site, app, strategy plan etc?

Reach out to us on our dedicated line right now!

Our Services

What We Offer

Web, Mobile and Tech Development

Every business needs an idea. More importantly every business needs the tools to deliver on that idea and grow into a product. On the Cerebral Xpress platform, we engage in the most efficient means of…

Content Management

Content is the most consumed commodity today. In such a space it’s important that we keep the customers healthy with the right and aligned content over social media, the press as well as images which…


On of the things you can be assured of regarding the Cerebral XPRess team is that we’re very passionate about strategy. With the team at hand, you can be sure that most if not all…

Round Clock Support and Maintenance

We go beyond just building and strategy. We also make sure that we’re on hand to manage and improve your products from Tech quality checks, maintenance, etc. The Cerebral Xpress team is always on hand…

Projects and Portfolio

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